Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Citrix Releases StoreFront 2308

On September 14, 2023, Citrix released StoreFront 2308. The following features were added to this version:

App Protection through a web browser

App Protection provides an additional level of security by blocking keyloggers and screen capture. Previously, this functionality was only available when accessing a store through Citrix Workspace apps for Windows, Mac and Linux. When viewing a store through a web browser, protected apps were not displayed. With this release it is now possible to configure a store website to display apps requiring App Protection when viewed through a browser, as long as StoreFront has detected that the user has a sufficiently new version of Citrix Workspace app for Windows, Mac or Linux installed that will be used to launch the app.

Advanced Health Check is now enabled by default

StoreFront runs periodic health checks on each Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops server and Cloud Connector to reduce the impact of intermittent server availability. With Advanced heath check StoreFront performs a more in-depth check that is more likely to detect any issues.

From this release onward, the advance health check feature is enabled by default. Previously it had to be enabled manually.

The following StoreFront features have been deprecated in this release:

XenApp Services

From this release onward, support for XenApp Services (also known as PNAgent) is deprecated. It will be removed in a future release.

XenApp 6.5

It is no longer possible to add new XenApp 6.5 resource feeds using the StoreFront admin console. It is still possible to add them using PowerShell Add-STFStoreFarm specifying the FarmType as XenApp.

There were also a number of fixed issues in the release.

Full documentation on this release.

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