Thursday, July 23, 2015

Documenting Citrix StoreFront with PowerShell

Up-to-date StoreFront documentation is essential because it allows you to:

  • Clone a StoreFront server group,
  • Help troubleshoot any issues with the deployment, and
  • Re-create servers after a crash.

Up until now, however, there was no easy way to create reliable StoreFront documentation. Carl Webster has created an amazing collection of automated documentation scripts for Citrix and Microsoft products like Active Directory, XenDesktop, and XenApp, which he offers for free on his website. After talking to Webster, I offered to build a Citrix StoreFront documentation script based on his PowerShell script template for generating documentation in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF. Being able to use his template gives me the ability to focus just on the StoreFront piece and have Webster worry about Word versions, language packs, etc.

What are they?

The StoreFront scripts are a pair of PowerShell files which create documentation in MS Word, PDF, HTML, or formatted text. The first script (SFServer.ps1) uses the StoreFront PowerShell cmdlets to iterate through the StoreFront configuration which is output to an XML file. This file is used as input to the second script (SFClient.ps1) to produce the actual documentation.

Where can I get them?

The StoreFront scripts have been put into the public domain, and have been added to the extensive collection of scripts on Webster's website. You can always find the latest version of the scripts on his download page.

Please see the included README file for instructions on running the scripts, which may be run either command-line, or GUI (the default).
The scripts have been tested on version 2.x and version 3.0 of StoreFront, though the new features of v3.0 (e.g. App Groups) are not documented in this version.

Thank you to Webster, Barry Schiffer, and all those who helped with testing and suggestions.

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